We are looking for partners who recognise the opportunities and new markets that exist for our technology.

Our aim has been to:

• Develop a new way to presenting information on a watch or bracelet which allows new applications & uses
• Allow watch functionality to match the needs of wearers

By coupling classic design with twenty first century functionality we envisage markets and uses arising from

In Built Features

The display of

• Digital Time
• Temperature
• Humidity
• Depth
• Altitude
• Compass Bearings

Memory Functionality & Imparted Data Features

The following result from triggers or data transferred by applications and means such as Blue Tooth

The display of

• Appointments
• Video
• Reminders of events such as birthdays and anniversaries
• Stock market and sports updates


The following markets have been identified

• Premier men’s
• General men’s
• Premier ladies
• General ladies
• Children’s (with a greater use of circulating shapes and figures imagery)